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The Many Different Housing Options for the Elderly

For senior citizens, the worst experience would be to lose your freedom and be made to live in a home full of other seniors like you. Most older people want to stay in their own comfortable homes. or if not, at least in the same neighborhood. It is not always very practical to continue living is a large family house when all your children are living on their own. Keeping a maintaining a large house all by yourself can drain you physically as well as financially. And, you also don’t want to live in a retirement house.

So where can a senior live the kind of lifestyle he or she would like to live? If you are a senior and you don’t want to live in a structured facility, then there are some options for you.

A manufactured mobile home that is available for occupancy by older people. What is great about these mobile homes is that they are affordable, energy efficient, spacious, and is specifically designed for seniors. These homes are created with universal design features. You can choose to place your mobile home of your own family property or else choose to live with other seniors in a mobile home community.

There are also homes in cooperatives that are found in urban areas. These are owned homes which give the benefit of convenience and efficiency of multi-family housing. Here, they have their own home but they are not isolated from the community.

Condominiums for senior citizens is another option for their housing. Living in a condominium has many advantages. They are different from single family homes or apartments. Here you have ownership of your own unit and you are also a shared owner of the common area.

If your house is too large and your utility bills and maintenance are too expensive then you can consider an accessory apartment. An accessory apartment is created in an extra space of a single family house.

Because of the lack of senior housing, home matching programs are also getting popular. Seniors are matched by the service so that they can live together as roommates. In this program you can either live in your own house and a roommate will be provide or you will be the roommate of someone living in her own home. Counseling services are also offered by this matching program to help identify needs and concerns.

If you are over 62, you can live in a retirement hotel. You can either live in a high rise hotel with landscaped gardens or concrete shoe boxes build it good locations near public transportation. Rent can include meals, and maid services, activities programs, assistance with personal grooming, and access to a chore service for a fee.

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